Music Muse #5

Aine Cahill Instagram story ads do work! I’ve actually discovered a lot of cool people and products through story ads between the stories of people you follow, but this has been one of the best in a while. Aine Cahill’s single ‘Beauty Is a Lie’ is a stunning song worthy of major attention. Think Marina […]

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Music Muse #4

So much good new music has and is coming out, and I’m a bit overwhelmed so here’s a very big post to catch you all up on what I’ve been listening to. LSD     A trio, a band, a combination we never knew would work, but always needed. Labyrinth, Sia and Diplo are storming […]

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Music Muse #3

There has been so much good music released lately so be ready for a long post with a very eclectic mix of tunes! Janelle Monae   She’s back! Not that she was ever gone, but Janelle’s venture into the Hollywood of acting has left us with a large break from her last album. Janelle has […]

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Music Muse #2

A bit late, but this ‘Music Muse’ was meant for Friday. Better late than never! So a lot came out last Friday so here is my list of what I liked. Justin Timberlake I’m not the biggest Timberlake fan, but honestly his new album has some really good tracks on it, ‘Midnight Summer Jam’ is […]

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Music Muse #1

Final series posts is going to be about music. I’ve got ‘Book Club’, ‘Movie Madness’ & ‘Games Room’ and finally we have ‘Music Muse’. Days after Friday seems the best day for this because, well, new music is released on Fridays. So without further ado, here’s what I’m listening to: Craig David     Of […]

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