Time to reboot. A total reset. Turn the power on and off. When I started ‘Screaming Out Loud’ I had more of a concept and less of an idea. So, it was harder to execute that I perceived. The original idea was to take random topics each week and discuss them. Simple enough, right? I mean yes, objectively, but everything is easier said than done. I have tried writing it in article form, uploaded to my website, then recording it word for word into a podcast. Then I tried writing it more loosely, and vlog style recording the topic discussion. The audio from that could then be put up on the podcast.

Now that I’ve tried these different ways of putting the series out, this unintentional ‘test run’ has let me refine what I want this series to be. It’s going to be, as originally planned, a series of written articles about a random topic each week. Sometimes it’ll have referenced research and sometimes it will be one long discussion. I’ll be looking at writing between 3000 to 5000 words, which will hopefully translate to a 30-minute podcast. The reason I want to stick with this format is because, whilst writing, I can expand on the discussion, incorporate pleasing (and sometimes pretentious) metaphors, and most importantly, proofread. 

So, with that all explained, let’s re-introduce ‘Screaming Out Loud’ in its new, more organised form!

Do you ever have one of those nights of inspiration induced insomnia? You want to sleep, but you’ve been hit with inspiration. No matter how hard you try to fall asleep, ideas keep coming and fuel your wildly active imagination, you have to get up every few minutes because you’ve had another idea! It’s brilliant, original and will change the world, God forbid you fall asleep and forget it.

Well, that’s what this is born from. I’ve been trying to find a way to put my busy, racing mind out there in an organised manner. Which is entirely contradictory, but why not try? One night, an idea struck me, a way to produce and put out content that covers all these bases, a way to tie down all these racing thoughts and ideas into one, cohesive project. And so, Screaming Out Loud was born. A weekly blog post AND podcast where I talk about a topic and endorse something at the end. This topic can be anything from motivational practices, self-care, mental health, creativity and even a single word. It’ll be written in article form, which will go directly onto my blog, and I will also record the article as an audio podcast for those who prefer to listen to content rather than read it.

In each of these episodes, I’ll also endorse something at the end. This could be anything, from a podcast, to a specific podcast episode. A TV show, album, film. You name it, it’ll probably be endorsed at some point or other. I may even get greedy and endorse a few things at a time! Time will tell how the endorsement ‘system’ works and develops.

In the first iteration of this series, I put out two episodes as well as the original introduction. These were ‘Vulnerability’ and ‘Creative Collaboration’. Well now I’m going to rewrite these, to extend the conversation and re-release them in the same order. 

Today’s endorsement goes to two Netflix shows and one other TV show, which I believe are examples of the best visual story telling of our time. First up, Kingdom, a South Korean TV series on Netflix. This show is phenomenal, a visual masterpiece that doesn’t lack in its storytelling and performances. A melding of zombie horror and period drama, it takes the cliché genre and turns it on its head. The story is fantastic, and the cinematography is some of the best I’ve seen in a Netflix series to date. It uses beautiful shots without sacrificing the story, which can be harder to achieve than it sounds. It also features Bae Doona, one of my favourite actresses of our time, which is a plus!

The second Netflix series is a very well-known one, and it’s full of very strange things. Stranger Things is renowned as Netflix’s biggest success other than Orange is the New Black, and with season 3 just released, it’s time to praise this show once again. This show finds the strangest way to mix horror, supernatural elements and coming of age drama. This is another amazingly shot show, and it is one of the best storytelling feats of this century.

The last show I want to mention is Chernobyl, a limited-series from HBO that tells the story of the truth behind Chernobyl. With outstanding performances, a harrowing storyline and unbelievably beautiful cinematography, this Is definitely one to watch. 

I’ll be going deeper into these shows in a separate post later on, which will allow me to deep dive into their intricacies. You’ll be able to find this article once it’s up over at ichaumedia.com.

Thanks for reading and/or listening, please like the blog post, rate and review the podcast and share this series on social media. Until next time, have a great week!

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