It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about music, mainly due to how busy life is and a general neglect to this blog. However, I’m trying to get back on track and post more about what I love as well as other, personal blogposts. 

Recently, I’ve discovered a new artist who goes under the literal mask of Orville Peck. An LGBT crooner from ‘all over’, his deep country vocals swayed me into a deep, warm admiration for his low voice and ethereal dream-pop styled country music. Whilst maintaining the root of what makes crooner country, well, country, Orville Peck infuses elements of dream-pop and 21stcentury anguish into his songs. His music reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey, the way he sings and the heavy focus on instruments with a dramatic flair.

With his unusual appearance, hiding his face behind a very queer-cowboy fringed mask, the mystery allures you into his story and music whilst also exposing a vulnerability to Orville Peck. I was so enthralled by this anonymity, which you could also say is similar to Sia’s infamous wigs that covered her face, I decided to look into this mysterious performer.

In an interview with L’Offciel USA, Orville Peck discusses how he studied masks as an art form, and an interview with The Fader revealed he has worked as an actor, was in punk bands and studied ballet. 

It’s rare I discover an artist and become so absorbed by their artistry and vision. With Orville Peck I’ve been consumed by the intricacies of his outward vision, performance and beautiful music. I’ve linked a video of his song ‘Dead of Night’ below so you can witness first-hand the mysterious dreamboat cowboy that is Orville Peck.

Now I’m done admiring my new musical crush, let’s talk about other artists that have put out new music. Marina, previously known as Marina and The Diamonds, is back with a new double record and a shorter name. I’ve been a fan of Marina’s for a very, very long time. Back when she had her first few songs on Myspace, yup, that long ago. Her debut album ‘The Family Jewels’ was the first album I ever bought a physical copy of and I’ve been in love ever since. Her newest single ‘Orange Trees’ is a beautiful summer song that keeps Marina’s unique sound and approach to pop music to its heart. Watch and listen below!

Last artist I want to talk about in a little more depth is Hannah Cohen. Admittedly, I’ve only listened to her second album ‘Pleasure Boy’ but what an album it was. Completely drawn into her delicate vocals and beautifully arranged songs I was instantly hooked. Hannah Cohen is back this year with another vocally stunning album to satiate my (insatiable) appetite for music. Listen to the single ‘This Is Your Life’ below.

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