The one thing everyone hears in this industry, be it as a writer, filmmaker, actor etc. is ‘make your own content!’ Making your own content is definitely the way forward, with so many aspiring creatives trying to pave their way in the world and make a name for themselves using social media, the competition has never been higher. Being able to make your own content is one thing, marketing it, making sure it gets seen and heard, well, that’s another kettle of fish entirely.

Having spent a few years trying, failing and trying again to make my own content, I thought I’d share my experience and advice on what to do and what not do. In a series of posts, I’ll go into detail about what I’ve learnt in relation to specific areas of content creation and how each area is just as important as the other. In part 1, we’ll look at COMMITMENT.


You have a brilliant idea, it’s going to be huge, you’re excited and can’t wait for your content to go viral. This will get you a movie deal, a tv series, it’ll open doors and kickstart your career! That’s all well and good, but you actually need to create the content, at a high level with as much attention to detail as humanly possible.

Now, you’re probably reading this thinking; ‘I’m committed! Don’t tell me I’m not passionate!’. Well, commitment and passion are two entirely different things. Passion can drive you very, very far, there’s a reason they’re called passion projects. However, a passion project without commitment will never see the light of day. Nothing is easy, and when it comes to seeing through, these words could not ring any truer.

Imagine you have a fantastic idea, you write an incredible script, or have the basis for a never seen before web-series. Fantastic! You’ve hit the inspiration goldmine, step one complete! Now, time to develop the idea (covered in detail in a later post), redraft the script 100 times over, bring in unbiased opinions, mood board characters, think of what the underlying message is, research similar ideas, look into funding if that’s an option, find a team to help you, and so on.

Suddenly, your passion project is sounding more like a chore than a fun creative venture. Your motivation nosedives, the amount of work you need to do before you even get close to the fun parts builds up, you have endless amounts of word documents, folders and group chats you must manage. This is where commitment comes in. Nobody ever said passion projects were easy, in fact, they’re quite the opposite.

When creating your own content, you’re going to hit a lot of mental, physical and literal potholes. Passion, commitment and drive are all separate entities that combine together to birth your own content. I’ve started many a passion project, only to see it half-assed when the work becomes too much, and the joy is lost. Even writing this now, it’s so tempted to flick back to Facebook and enjoy senseless memes for half an hour.

Procrastination breeds laziness, and this doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks. You should never over work yourself, you’re only human. However, when it comes to creating something, passion alone will not see it come to fruition, commitment to what you want to create, and a strong vision of the end result are essential. This will let you create something that will have a lasting impact and that you can be proud of.

Of course, there are many other things that you need to incorporate, but I’ll cover those in later posts.

I hope these articles can help other people see their content creations dreams come true, and help people understand the commitment, time and work that goes into any aspect of this business.

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