Before you ask, the puppy in the featured image is called Telio, and is much, much bigger now. But how could I not use that photo?!

Anyway, A short update on life, what’s going on, and the future of this site and me! 2019 has gotten off to an interesting start, I’ve been lucky enough to work as an actor for a very small production which was fantastic and really fun. Although, driving back home afterwards on those country roads was not fun. Especially nearly being wiped out but a huge lorry that came around a country road sharp bend at about 40mph swerving into my lane. Not sure how I managed to avoid that, but I’m very grateful I did!

So, me and my bezzy mate (Abby) vowed to make some short films this year. We’ve already shot one and are planning two others! Making movies on 0 to minimal budget is very, very difficult! However, we’re managing to pull it off, the editing phase is taking a while but the end product will look fantastic we hope!

With this being the year of doing rather than saying, I’ve finally started to build a portrait photography portfolio! The stunning Jodie was kind enough to step in and model for me, and with my handy DIY studio and kit, we got some pretty nice photos! I’m still looking to build more and more, so if you’re around Cardiff and want a headshot/editorial/family photoshoot hit me up! I’ve posted a few of my favourite shots below!

Speaking of photography and acting, I got new headshots done! Done by the amazing Two Cast In The Yard Photography (Mary Wycherley), I’ve put my favourites below!

As most people know, I’m an avid gamer, to put it lightly. Ok, in reality, I’m obsessed with video games, but who doesn’t enjoy an immersive interactive story with heavily developed characters you can’t help but be invested in? Also, who doesn’t love a good multiplayer shooter from time to time? Lastly, you can’t not enjoy Super Smash Bros. 

Anyway, back to the point I’m trying to make. I love games, and I love playing games with fellow gamers, so I’m making an effort to get back into Twitch. I plan on streaming much more, and at the moment you can see me scream at zombies as I reluctantly make my way through the Resident Evil 2 remake. My Twitch handle is ichaugames and you should definitely come and watch me suck at video games! I’m going to upload my streams to YouTube too so people who miss the stream can still enjoy me sucking at video games! 

Other than that, it’s been working where I can, lots of writing both for gaming websites and for various creative ventures, and just trying to enjoy life!

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