Happy New Year everyone! I hope all had a great holiday period and are going into 2019 full of power and positivity. I’m going to be revamping the way I use this website to make it more of an all-round creative portfolio for myself. So that means the about page will probably become a cringy third person spiel about my life, and the work I create will be better displayed.

With the blog I will continue to write articles, but I am dropping the categories. Rather than have separate posts for every single type of media (TV, Games, Music and Movies) I will update you with what I’m into across all platforms at the time of posting each article. The articles from now on will be a personal blog account of my life, maybe some ramblings and hopefully some exciting news about my career. Each article will have lots of recommendations too, from books to TV shows.

So, time to catch up. Last year was pretty fantastic, a lot happened that pushed me in the right direction and taught me lots of lessons. I met bounds of fantastic people and brilliant souls I’ll cherish forever. I’m usually a right grump during Christmas, not my holiday, but this year I felt much better, better than any other holiday period in the last few years. I’m grateful for this and hope to continue this positivity and excitement into 2019.

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I went skiing with the family in the Alps this Christmas. We’ve never really spent the Christmas period away from family or home, we don’t really celebrate the holiday much anyway. I’m not religious, so the religious connotations of the day do not really affect me at all. Christmas, however, has become a giant commercial holiday, the main reason I usually dislike it. If anything, my family use the time off to appreciate each other, relax and have fun before the new year begins. To me, that’s what (non-religious) Christmas is, a celebration of family, blood and/or chosen, filled with love and plenty of good food!

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Now I ski like a maniac, and by that, I mean I like to go fast. Problem with going fast is that when you fall, you fall pretty hard. I managed to wipe-out at the top of a very steep part of a red run. I stopped sliding at the bottom, probably a good fifty metres if not more. Oh, and this was on Christmas day. Luckily all I’ve done is hurt my thumb, it’s not broken but currently in a brace as the ligament may be torn. Moral of the story, skiing is fun (be very, very careful kids).

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I’ve put a few photos I took on my iPhone whilst I was out there on this article, I’d have rather had my DSLR but wasn’t going to risk skiing with that!

Now, for what I’m currently into!


I’ve fallen off the bandwagon recently with books, but I’m eager to get back on track this year and read lots of different books. At the moment, I’m listening to Rob Moore’s ‘Start Now, Get Perfect Later’. I haven’t listened to enough to really comment but having read other books by Moore I’m looking forward to the insights this book has to offer!

Another book I’m reading right now on the trusty kindle is ‘The Actor’s Guide to Creating a Character: William Esper Teaches The Meisner Technique’ a collaboration between the great William Esper and a former student of his Damon DiMarco. Having read the first book, which is a fictional version of William Esper’s first year, this is the follow up for the second year of his course.

Lastly, I’m reading Sapiens, the physical book by Yuval Noah Harari. I’ve owned this book for a while now, finally going to deep dive into it.


New year, new music. Obviously, not much has been released yet, but Lizzo has released a banger of a tune on the first Friday of 2019.


If you have Netflix (who doesn’t?) then you might have seen a new British comedy added to the multitude of shows available to stream. Borderline, a comedy show in the same vein as The Office, is a mockumentary that follows a group of inept border agents at a fake, pretty abysmal airport. I ended up binging this very, very quickly. This show has the perfect British whit, and plenty of cringe worthy moments.


Lots of great games came out last year, and we have a lot of highly anticipated releases coming this year, it’s definitely a great time to be a gamer. With Kingdom Hearts 3 finally coming out (14 years later…) me and Ryan have decided to play the original games in preparation. We’ve just finished Kingdom Hearts and that game is phenomenal in its campiness, action and outright Disney charm.


So, I listen to plenty of podcasts, and I think it’ll be fun to note one every article. First is That One Audition, hosted by Alyshia Ochse, a phenomenal actress. This podcast interviews actors and other people in the industry, giving inspiring advice, insight and experiences to the audience. If you’re a working actor, new to the business or just curious, this podcast is well worth a listen.

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