A Star is Born


The utterly, brilliantly timeless story of A Star is Born gains a breath of fresh air with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s new reimaging of the classic story. Taking you on an emotional rollercoaster like no other the pair bring Jackson and Ally to life telling their tale of a dysfunctional yet loving relationship, drug abuse and the rise and fall of fame. There isn’t much to say about this film which would be free of too many spoilers, the story beats are perfectly paced and the editing is fantastic, so I will just recommend you see this film immediately.

Things to note are definitely Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s phenomenal performances as both actors and musicians. Bradley Cooper has one hell of a voice on him, and I’m pretty sure he could launch his own music career after hearing how talented he is in this movie. As usual, Cooper’s acting is phenomenal, and he embodies Jackson to create a living and breathing character. Additionally, co-written and directed by Cooper himself, this movie is a statement from the now actor-director that he is here to dominate the industry and can direct an entire feature length movie whilst acting a lead role. Lady Gaga has also put her mark on Hollywood with this movie. Gone is the extravagant Lady Gaga we all know and love, and instead here is an innocent young girl Ally, whose extreme vocal talent is brought to the light through a love story like no other.

All in all, see this movie, it is utterly fantastic and will be a timeless classic in years to come.



Tom Hardy has more talent in his left eye than some people have in their entire body. This man is a performance machine, we already knew that, but his performance as Eddie Brock In this movie is compelling, hilarious and most importantly entirely truthful. Venom takes the Marvel franchise and turns it on its head, Sony decided they wanted to do their own thing and they’ve stuck to that, creating a brilliant superhero/antihero film with a lot of action, beautifully done monster horror and perfectly timed comedic wit.

Venom follows Eddie Brock, a controversial and well-loved journalist in the marvel universe and introduces him to a new life long friend, Venom. A new origin story for the antihero duo Eddie Brock and Venom sees new evil multimillionaire Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) experiment with symbiotes and humans in a very unethical way. Much more would spoil too much, but you get the general gist of what happens, it is a Venom movie.

The perfectly timed comedy, perfect mix of action and horror and outstanding performances from Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate provide an exciting viewing experience with the perfect number of well-placed laughs.

A Simple Favour


A new thriller from the mind of Paul Feig, who infamously brought us the laugh out loud girl power comedy that is Bridesmaids. Based on the novel by Darcel Bell A Simple Favour weaves a mysterious tale of innocence, lies, lust and deceit. Taking a highly convoluted story Paul Feig manages weave an interesting plot with high stakes plot twists and hilarious comedy. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively launch this film into the stratosphere with standout performances and full characterisations of their respective characters.

With unlikely friendships, complicated relationships and plot twist after plot twist, A Simple Favour takes us on an unforgettable ride that is sure to secure its place as one of the best thrillers this year.

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