I’ve been trying to focus on my writing a lot in the last few months, from creative writing to journalistic writing and everyday blogging. After updating this website with its new look and having a lot happen to me personally and professionally, I feel it is now time to really focus on my writing along with my other professional ventures (acting, photography, filmmaking).

So, what to expect from this website from here on out? The usual, of course! I will be blogging as I have been, posting to my Movie Madness, Games Room and Book Club categories more frequently. I’ll be writing more and more short stories, and hopefully I will be confident enough to post them here! However, the one new thing I will be doing are more in-depth articles on the things I love, journalistic if you will.

I have referred to my other website, created along with my other half, jenchau.co.uk, a journalistic website bringing you entertainment news, focusing mainly on gaming news. Unfortunately, this venture never really panned out as we expected, due to other commitments and the other half having his hands full with a full-time job. I however, sincerely miss writing about video games, TV shows and movies in a journalistic manner. I see it as a celebration of the things I love, and I guess the categories I have created on this website slightly satiate my desire to write about my passions.

Therefore, I’m going to start writing articles again! This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop my Movie Madness, TV Talk, Games Room and Book Club posts, it just means I will be posting more specific articles on gaming culture, gaming news and gaming reviews. I may also do this for TV and Movies, however I will start off with video games to test the waters.

The first thing I’m excited to revive from my old website, jenchau.co.uk, is ‘8-Bits of News’. This is a weekly article posted every Friday, which lists 8 pieces of gaming news that I was excited about from that week. It could be anything from new games, game releases, developer news and so on. Click this link to see an old example of what my ‘8-Bits of News’ articles were like.

So, that’s the latest update! Life has been busy with exciting projects in acting, filmmaking and writing, and I’m very excited to dip my toe back in the pond of games journalism.

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