The Spy Who Dumped Me

The comedy dup made up of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon seems like a match made in heaven, and that is what we got. The Spy Who Dumped Me is funny, action-packed and full of over-the-top violence dotted throughout to provide a gritty, comic drama about the relationship between two best friends on a wild adventure. Where this film fails is in the disjointed feeling of genre. Yes, it’s a comedy. Yes, it’s a spy movie. Yes, it’s pretty violent in places. Unfortunately, sometimes the gelling of these genres doesn’t feel perfected, leaving the film with some jarring and disjointed moments.

Other than this, I highly recommend seeing this film, if not in the cinema, definitely once out on streaming services. It’s a light comedy which gets a bit too heavy in places, but full of memorable laughs and fantastic performances by comedy giants.


I only wanted to include this film solely for the remarkable performance from Shauna Macdonald. The story is promising but ultimately fails to really deliver, which I think is mainly due to the pacing of the film. However, Shauna Macdonald’s performance is incredible, and her characters fear, determination and will to survive drive this movie to its brutal end.

This film is worth a watch for Macdonald’s performance alone, but if you are also willing to look past the poor pacing in parts, there is an interesting story being told with a less predictable tale of supernatural horror.

Creep #2

Creep was a, well, creepy film indeed. Mark Duplass really embodies the troubled, socially awkward serial killer well and I was left unsure about any stranger I crossed for the following months. With its cult success and reimagination of what a found footage film could be, it’s no surprise that a sequel was made.

Following on from Creep, Creep #2 focuses on a new videographer, Sara, pulled into Aarons bizarre world of vulnerability, frights and murder. This movie is not for the faint of heart and is very mentally taxing. It both makes sense whilst being completely senseless and is a true masterpiece, a worthy sequel to the equally as creepy Creep.

It’s hard to discuss this film without ruining too much, for both this iteration and the original film, so I suggest fans of psychological thriller-horrors add these two films as an absolute must see to their movie lists.

Hell House LLC

Most found footage horror movies are supernatural thrillers full of clichés and horror tropes, usually overplaying the jump scares and lacking any originality. Hell House LLC is yet another found footage supernatural horror movie, however this time it’s done right, in a new and refreshing way that kept me hooked and terrified. Yes, there were plenty of cliché jump scares and the usual band of friends with increasing tensions and predictable fallings-out. However, the scares were played more to the story than just to make the audience jump out of their skin for a couple of seconds.

Taking the formula of a haunted house, that wait a minute, is actually haunted?! Hell House LLC would appear to be another run of the mill found footage horror, however, with a full fleshed out story and an interesting take on the ‘docu-drama’ genre, Hell House LLC manages to take a tried and done formula and turn it on its head for a thrilling and terrifying adventure.

One thing I am super excited for is, due to its cult success and rave reviews, Hell House LLC 2 will be released THIS WEEK! If the last film was anything to go by, we’re definitely in for a terrifying treat.

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