Lost in Space

A remake of a the critically claimed classic ‘Lost in Space’ from 1965, Netflix really pushed their new sci-fi blockbuster with massive promotion and a stellar cast. With big names such as Molly Parker from House of Cards and Parker Posey from Dazed and Confused, Lost in Space was shaping up to be an exciting sci-fi drama full of thrills and plot twists to keep us hooked. However, despite some amazing action and nail-biting adventures, I felt as though the show fell short in keeping me interested in the long run, and the overall plot felt slightly dragged out.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the show, it was a fun thrill ride with endless sci-fi action and well written characters, but there were times it felt predictable and as though the overall plot didn’t fit the ten-episode arc. Ultimately, I recommend this show, and emphasised it is a must for sci-fi fanatics, but there was a lacking feeling across the entirety of the show which I hope season 2 manages to negate.


We’ve been to the future, we’ve witnessed the present, now Matt Groening takes us to the past in a fantastical new series Disenchantment. With a stellar cast including John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama, Jake from Adventure Time), Eric Andre and Broad City’s finest Abbi Jacobson, Disenchantment was looking to be an exciting new series from animations most addictive mind.

Many people are unsure what to make of this new creation, some hate it, while others find it to be Groening’s new masterpiece. I myself, love the show. It manages to incorporate the wit and charm of Futurama whilst bringing a new, fresh take on Groening’s comedic prowess. The one major pitfall of Disenchantment, which has nothing to do with its quality, content or comedy value, is that it falls into the Netflix trap of a ten-episode season that ends on a giant cliff-hanger. I’m all for more seasons or parts of great TV shows, however it feels more and more that Netflix shows are purposely ending on massive cliff-hangers in order to maintain a decent viewership the following year, i.e. to keep people subscribing. There’s nothing wrong with that, they are a business, and they continue to bring us fantastic content, I’m just too excited to find out what happens next!

Final Space

This show is a fantastic example of why adult animation is so fantastic, and why we need more of it. With the more mainstream rise of adult animation with shows like Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Animals and even Triptank, we are getting more and more fantastic animated adult comedy. Netflix have recently pushed a lot more of this genre, with the hilarious Big Mouth and now Final Space, the world of adult cartoons is growing and diversifying exponentially.

Final Space is a brilliant example of taking the Rick and Morty formula and giving it a season long investment. Rick and Morty is funny, foolish and outright fantastic, however the season long plotlines are usually secondary to the ridiculous episodic adventures. What Final Space does is take the humour of these popular adult cartoons and apply it to a fully fleshed story, allowing you to truly invest in the characters as well as laugh uncontrollably at them.

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