So as many of you know, I hope, I am venturing more into my photography, hoping to take it further than just a hobbyist level. I have always been in love with the visual arts, be it painting to films, however I never really understood this passion until recently. When I was younger I loved creating edits and gifs of my favourite music artists. Edits allowed me to be freely creative and apply my imagination to worlds created by my favourite artists. Given, I wasn’t all that great back then, but it really paved the way for my creativity to grow and evolve into what it is today.

When I started creating gifs or music videos or movies, there was something about capturing the perfect moment I found fascinating. What I didn’t understand that all of the edits and gifs I was creating were the beginning of my foray into visual media and creativity. Now I love to dabble in design, art and various other forms of visual media, hoping to one day pursue this passion to a higher level along with my acting, writing and filmmaking. However, back to what this post is about, my photography and my beginnings in portraiture photography.

I love all kinds of photography and capturing anything beautiful or fascinating in the moment is why I take photographs. Being able to freeze a scene, landscape or person in time in a way that allows you to dive into the image is why I take photographs and what I one day aim to achieve with all of my photography. With portraiture I have always been in awe of how a great photographer can capture the emotion and soul of someone in a single image.

Now, I’m an amateur photographer always studying and enhancing my skills to take myself to the next level, and this is my first foray into portrait photography, so I don’t expect to be Inez & Vinoodh right out of the gate! That being said, the following photos were done where I asked the subject to go about themselves in the garden, doing chores and enjoying the weather whilst I photographed them. I wanted to get shots of the subject in a natural state rather than have them pose in front of my camera. What came of this project is shown below, and I am quite happy at how they turned out.

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