I’ve never played the games, which is ironic since as you know, I’m an avid gamer, but I’ve heard so many rave reviews of this short anime series I finally decided to give it a shot. I mean, it’s only 2 hours long all in all so what was there to lose if it was bad? It wasn’t bad, not at all.

Castlevania is a dark, gritty anime which doesn’t sugar coat a brutal storyline with comedy and romance. Instead, it takes the brutality up a notch and provides a truly terrifying and vulnerable view into the darker side of human nature. It’s hard to say much more without spoiling parts, so I’ll leave it at that, it’s an absolute must watch and a surprise success in video game to movies/series genre.

Westworld (Season 2)

This season felt more disjointed than season 1, which unfortunately made it come across as having a much less cohesive narrative. Ultimately, I really enjoyed the season, with some episodes being spectacular standouts and certain story arcs having me hooked. However, as a season, the interconnection between the episodes felt weak in places, with a lot of intense narratives interlocking on top of the already overly complicated time distortion, I’m unsure if this feeling is a valid criticism or a reason to re-watch the season with an understanding of where it goes.

The start of season 2 really frustrated me, despite the great performances and scenes, the number of questions being added to the mountain of confusion Hammond left us at the end of season 1. Whilst I see why the set up was necessary, it felt very drawn out, and left me not being as excited for the following episode week on week for the first few episodes. Again, in hindsight, a second viewing with more context may allow me to invest more into the narratives and complicated writing rather than in asking more and more questions.

To read more on my thoughts of Westworld Season 2 visit for my full, spoilerific breakdown.


This quaint little anime really took me by surprise with how clever, interesting and binge worthy it was. Taking the dregs of everyday office this show creates a cutesy anthropomorphised world and provides and very common human tale. Growing up is full of excitement, wonder and promises adolescents are eager to pursue, but all the sugar in the world can’t coat the woes of becoming an adult.

This short little anime takes us on a journey of horrible offices jobs, terrible bosses and unique releases all adolescents go through in the early years of becoming an adult. Being very short in its episode length (15 minute episodes), this is a very binge worthy, visceral story with that anime sparkle too it.

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