Warning: This has heavy The Incredibles 2 spoilers in it, I have noted where they start so please be careful if you have not seen the film (shame on you for waiting this long though).

The Incredibles 2

Fourteen full years later, and our prayers have been answered. They finally made a The Incredibles sequel! Keeping true to humour of the original The Incredibles 2 takes us on a new journey with the whole family involved from the get go this time. A fantastic film with a stellar cast, The Incredibles 2 blows The Incredibles out of the water, however that’s only because the original film set up all the character development we needed for this one. All I really have to say is that this film is an absolute must see for everyone.

HEAVY Spoilers ahead

So this time we focus on Elasta-Girl, having her come back into the limelight to prove Superheroes need to return to being, well, Superheroes! The plot at first seemed a bit too predictable, with a wealthy man offering the chance of a lifetime, he was over nice and too accommodating. However, the twist at the end when we discover only one of the two siblings is behind everything it’s a nice surprise even though we saw it coming.

One of my favourite characters to return was the one and only Edna Mode. The campy sarcasm of the high end designer took me back to the first film when we were introduced to such an eccentric character.

Ocean’s 8

With a nice change of pace bringing together a full team of female criminals to the forefront of Hollywood, Ocean’s 8 manages to keep its campy comedy charm as well as deliver a fully-fledged heist film. With outstanding performances from all the main cast, you really get lost in the comedy and witty banter the female ensemble provides.


Now I never expected this film to be as deep as it was. I never planned on seeing it in the cinemas but happened to go anyway and honestly, it’s a view-at-the-cinema worthy film. You hear Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and immediately know what to expect. He’s a fantastic actor but being built like a rhinoceros he’s definitely type cast in most of his movies. I expected this film to be all action and riveting CGI, which it did have plenty of. However, the deeper story to the film which is usually haphazardly done in this genre actually kept me hooked and interested on a more emotional level rather than just ‘Is he going to make that jump?!’.

Of recent films in this genre with CGI fast paced action, not many seem to really draw you into a deep and emotional story. However, I feel like Skyscraper does and despite its ludicrous action it’s definitely worth going to see for the story too.

The Thing (2011)

The Thing, John Carpenters original, is a milestone in horror movie history. To this day it still holds up, with use of puppetry and movie magic that film will never age like many of its sibling movies. Being such a fan of the first, I decided to watch the 2011 prequel with the same title. I did not realise Joel Edgerton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were among the main cast, so my interest skyrocketed on discovering this.

All in all, The Thing (2011) is a good prequel to the original and sets things up nicely. It wasn’t needed, and pretty much followed the same formula as the original, but nonetheless it was an enjoyable watch and a must see for John Carpenter and The Thing fans alike.

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