I cannot decide if I liked this game or not. I haven’t finished it and probably won’t until I pick it back up again at some point in the future. The combat is lacklustre and after a few different enemy encounters becomes almost monotonous. The story is great, but a mixture of the combat, pacing issues, and repetitive side quests really take away from this game, not keeping my attention enough to enjoy the positives.

I hope to replay this in a few months’ time, and maybe with some patches, completely turn around on my view of this game, as I so dearly want to love it.

Dragon Age Inquisition

What a fantastic game. I’ve been meaning to play this for a while now, after getting the base game and some extras for a fiver on the PSN store. With the usual summer lull in video games post E3 me and Ryan decided we wanted to play something story heavy and long winded. Seeing as he’d played Inquisition before, we settled on that and got the DLC to go with it. This game has more depth than most TV shows, with the many branching dialogue options, romancing options and side quests, you can lose hours of your time in this game. Me and Ryan lost about 95 hours to this game, or closer to 96. If that doesn’t tell you who good that game is, nothing will.

95 hours, most side quests done, most extra dialogue options completed and all the DLC explored. This however, just scratched the surface of what the game has to offer. We chose to be a female, Dalish elf, romanced Solas alone and tired to gain approval with all the inquisition’s recruits. We sided with mages (why wouldn’t you?!), and we tried to get everyone to join use. We could have done so many things differently, which says a lot about the reliability this already massive game has.


So, I haven’t played this in a long time, and I was one of the ones who got it on realse and never really put it down. Originally playing on my PS4, even without friends this game was addictive. Not long ago I got this game on PC to try it out with keyboard and mouse, and honestly, it’s even more fun with much better with a mouse to aim at your enemies. This game somehow manages to maintain its sparkle, and I don’t think I will ever bore of it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I got this game a few months ago, it was £10 cheaper on amazon than usual (for no reason apparently) and I’d always fancied playing it. What a bizarre game, I haven’t played the original, but the world this game throws you into is brilliantly weird. I’m only just into the game, but it has a surprisingly rewarding combat system and a very immersive storyline despite the bizarre voice acting.

This voice acting isn’t bad, not at all. It’s just… unexpected, especially for a popular JRPG. British accents, ok, but extreme British accents? It takes some getting used to, hearing the harsh Welsh accent of Nia and grating Scottish accents of the military, just doesn’t fit in an anime styled JRPG. You do get used to it though, and it eventually brings an unusual charm to the game.

Ni No Kuni II

I’ve only just started this, having given into the hype and filling the summer lull that comes with the gaming industry. Such an imaginative game really draws you into its bright and colourful world. With a style that seems like anime mixed with Breath of the Wild, it’s unique look sucks you into the vast world.

The voice acting is fantastic, but the absolute worst part of this game, which really ruins it for me, is how fast the dialogue flies by in the open world/level. It’s unreadable and extremely frustrating when you’re trying to speed read a paragraph of tiny text in the heat of battle that will vanish in a few seconds. This has been a problem since release I found out, so I’m not too hopeful for a patch to fix it but it definitely needs one.

Metal Gear Solid V

This game requires so much brain power it hurts. Well, not really but it’s a very tactical game which is probably why I never finished it first time round. Now I’m replaying it with Ryan, and it’s much less intense playing it with another person, leaving me to enjoy how fantastic it is.

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