Isn’t audible great?! This year I started using audible, realising I wanted to read much more than I already do. The fact that I listen to a lot of different podcasts, from (several) gaming ones to acting and mental health related ones, audiobooks seemed like a no-brainer.

I’ll indicated if I’m listening too or reading a book from now on, so let’s get started!

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (Audiobook)

I have been meaning to purchase this book for a few months now, seeing it highly recommended by a lot of creatives. I’ve never read an Elizabeth Gilbert book before but the rave reviews intrigued me greatly. Audible recently had a week-long sale with new books at £3.99 every day, and being the sucker that I am, I got a fair few books! One of them was Big Magic, excited to finally read/listen to this book and narrated by the author herself, I dove straight into this inspirational little book.

Now, Gilbert takes a very spiritual, interesting approach to how creativity exists and where ideas come from. This may grate on the more ‘black & white’ reader however I implore all to keep at this book. Despite the very open minded view Gilbert has on creativity she really channels it into a relatable and personal book full of advice for all kinds of creative minds. Additionally, she remains grounded in her explanation of a creative journey and life, noting major bumps that affected her in her pursuit for a creative career.

All in all, if you look past the rather specific view Gilbert holds with creativity (which I found absolutely eye opening and fascinating), this is a must read for all those looking to live their best creative life and cope with what life throws at you in the process.

Children of Time – Adrian Tchaikovsky (Physical/Audiobook)

So I’m about 4 hours off finishing this book and it’s an utterly fantastic, realised sci-fi story which really makes you think about the advancement of human technology, religion and the rights of individuals. I’ll probably post a more heavy, more spoiler-ridden post about this book once I finish it.

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