Avengers: Infinity War


This film has been out for months, so I’ll keep this short. Tom Hollands brilliant moment made me cry. The one major thing I was worried about, how they would fit all the storylines into one film without making it feel too long or disjointed. Amazingly, Marvel did not disappoint with the story and managed to keep all the characters prominent with a solid storyline and the usual fantastic battles. The one thing I hate about this film is the way it ended, because I need the next film right now.

Deadpool 2


I loved this film, but it felt ultimately flawed in its execution. The jokes were hilarious, the acting was great and the 4thwall was broken, but it didn’t feel different enough from the first film. A similar tale of rescue and sarcasm left me laughing but also with a sense of déjà vu. It was a great movie, but fell short of being something great and new, with some great performances from Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds, I still felt the only part of the film that felt new, fresh and hilariously fantastic was Domino. I highly recommend watching this film, but fans of the first film shouldn’t expect anything too new.

Solo: A Star Wars Story


This film was utterly fantastic. Whilst I loved The Last Jedi, it didn’t quite hit home and feels slightly detached to the franchises’ classic feel. Solo goes back and brings Han Solo’s life and vibrancy into the universe yet again. With a stellar cast, a complicated yet relatable story and plenty of ‘pew pew’ action this film takes the magic of the original trilogy and propels Han Solo’s origin story into the greats of the franchise. Fan’s and non-fans alike must see this movie, as it is both a treat for the long-time lovers of Solo’s brash arrogance and a great coming of age hero story to sink your teeth into.

Wind River


This film is brutal, absolutely brutal. The story, inspired by true events, follows a hunter living on the Wind River Indian Reserve in Wyoming, who stumbles into a murder mystery case and has to aid an FBI agent in solving the grisly case. The performances of Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in this film are some of the best they’ve ever produced, ridding the avengers veil I associate with them and developing vulnerable, exciting characters. With an incredible cast, a deep, chilling story and a level of suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat, Wind River has to be one of the best films released last year and I highly recommend you grab a copy and see it.

Rough Night


I’m not sure if this film was trying to be the Hangover of a bridesmaid party, or an obscener version of Bridesmaids itself, but rather than copy these classics, it falls into its own wacky area in wedding related comedies. With an a-list cast of comedy queens and award nominated actresses, this film takes the word obscene to a new level and provides a hilarious story of a bridesmaid’s party gone horribly wrong. The chemistry of such a big group of actors works remarkably well considering the different backgrounds each respective actress hails from (comedy, drama, etc.). This film is a great watch, and taken with a pinch of salt has a hilariously brilliant storyline for those looking for a good laugh.

Jurassic Park Franchise 1-4


Ok so these are THE 90s kid’s films let’s be real here (apart from Jurassic World, obviously). Watching Laura Dern fight her way out of a grizzly velociraptor end, Sam Neil repeatedly not be listened too and crazed geneticist BD Wong playing god is utterly fantastic and by far one of the best science fiction franchises of our generation. In all honestly the reason I wanted to add these to the list is because the nostalgia I had re-watching them for the 5thfilm was unreal and because I realised something very interesting. The first two Jurassic Park movies slowly built up to the fast past dino action we all love from the franchise. We got some amazing development and storytelling (from the amazing Spielberg) before dinosaur shit hit the fan. However, in Jurassic Park 3, we’re pretty much thrown straight into the action, the story is there but less prominent and the film seems to focus mostly on dinosaurs trying to kill everyone. I love all the films so much but did notice this difference and began to wonder if it was the 90s/00s change to shorter action-packed films that was a factor in this change of pace.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


First thing that comes to mind when the 5thmovie in this franchise was announced is the brilliant quote from John Hammond in Jurassic Park 2; “I won’t make the same mistake again!”.

Sorry Hammond… they do for another 4 movies. With such a great franchise with a rather solid story, I was very worried how they were going to change up the Jurassic Park franchise to keep it from going stale. They make the dinosaurs, it’s amazing, they escape and kill a load of people. Rinse and repeat. However, this film whilst retaining some of the classic Jurassic Park charm does take the storyline in a new direction and puts a fresh spin on the franchise.

Without spoiling much other than the trailer, the island Isla Nublar’s dormant volcano is now catastrophically active, and there is debate on whether to save the dinosaurs or let them go extinct, again. Whilst this may sound like a basic storyline there is a much deeper and stronger meaning embedded within and entwined around this disaster that leads to some surprise twists and turns I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you’re a fan of the franchise I would highly recommend this film, as it takes the charm of the franchise into today’s level of cinema and retains the sparkle Spielberg leaves on all his projects.

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