So much good new music has and is coming out, and I’m a bit overwhelmed so here’s a very big post to catch you all up on what I’ve been listening to.




A trio, a band, a combination we never knew would work, but always needed. Labyrinth, Sia and Diplo are storming the world with their beautifully melodic pop with matching visuals. Genius and Audio perfectly tie together the combined talent of these three powerhouse pop gods to create audio and visual magic. Listen and watch the singles above, I had to link both, and let’s hope that LSD will release an album and become a staple in our pop culture.

Christina Aguilera


She’s back! She’s finally back and she’s reborn. Liberation has stripped back all the pop queen clutter that has infiltrated our current pop culture climate to reveal a fresher, newer Christina. Having taken back all the flash all we have left to focus on are Christina’s vocals, and we all know that they are good. From the three songs we’ve had so far, the mixture of ballad powered pop and throwback Stripped era Christina is proving that the vocal queen is back, and back for good.



So, Anne-Marie has to be the most British, un-popstar name I have ever heard, and I love it. She’s been slowly sneaking into our headphones over a few years now and has finally released a fully-fledged pop album. It is fantastic, and the one song I cannot get enough of is FRIENDS with Marshmello.

Charlie Puth


Voicenotes is a very, very good album. Listen too Attention and try to tell me that it isn’t an extremely catchy song you can’t help singing along to.

Ariana Grande


I don’t know how she does it, I’m just glad she does. Every single time she begins a new era, she manages to reinvent herself whilst maintaining the Ariana brand. No Tears Left to Cry starts off as a beautiful ballad, and then all of a sudden, we fall into a huge pop production. No matter what she puts out, it’s always fantastic, and I’m extremely excited for more music in this new era.

Nicki Minaj


Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz are brilliant, brutal and Nicki Minaj all over. If you listen to Chun-Li and cannot get it out of your head, you’ve been blessed.

Florence + The Machine


Florence Welsh is a one of a kind alt diva with vocals that are on par with Adele and Aretha. Sky Full of Song calls back to a softer Florence whereas Hunger brings back the aggressive vocals we all know too well from this ginger queen.



Gallant came out of nowhere a few years back with the range of a young Seal (the artist, and maybe the animal?). He even sang with Seal and his career has continued to skyrocket ever since. Listen to Doesn’t Matter above, honestly one of his best songs to date.

Kacey Musgraves


Not much to say other than country pop is the new dance pop. Who doesn’t love a good country bop anymore? High Horse is the standout song, and if it doesn’t get you moving you need to see a doctor. (Slow Burn is a must listen too).



Remember that song on Sam Smith’s newest album with the female feature? That was YEBBA, and she’s just as talented as Sam. She currently only has one song out, Evergreen, but it showcases her talent and ridiculous range in such a good way you’ll be screeching along trying to keep up.

Shawn Mendes


I’ve never really been into Shawn, but when I saw he’d teamed up with Khalid I had to listen. Youth is fantastic, and not just because Khalid is manning a lot of the vocals. Shawn really blew me away with this song, so, I listened to the other big hit from his to be released new album Lost in Japan. I cannot stop listening to it, and now I’m very excited for the rest of his album.

Years & Years


Olly Alexander is back and is giving us the queer and honest realness he always brings. Back at it with stunning visuals alongside brilliantly catchy pop songs, Years & Years prove they’re going nowhere and are the top of their game.

Troye Sivan


His first album was a surprise love of mine, so I was going to be excited for his new era regardless. The Good Side and Bloom prove he’s back with a bang (Sorry My My My! But you’re not on par imo). The songs show his versatility and keep him high on the list of today’s greatest artists.

Childish Gambino


Watch the video, listen to the song. Donald Glover is an artistic genius and will always push boundaries in the best of ways.

Rita Ora


Girls is the kind of song we don’t get that often, but we really should. Four of today’s biggest names in pop and rap team up to create a song in a similar vein to Lady Marmalade (not on par to that unbeatable song however). What really excites me about this song is Cardi B’s Nicki Minaj like verse, because it was perfect and now I want them to team up.

Lykke Li


Lykke Li is one of those alternative female artists who has a beautiful voice and a great uniqueness to her sound. Her new album So Sad So Sexy is looking to be her best work yet, with Deep End being a real treat with its pop sounds and her unique likeness.

Jessie Reyez


Figures is a stunning song and harkens back to an Amy Winehouse era of vocals, along with Daniel Caesar Figures, a Reprise will have you (trying) to sing along in no time.

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