A Way Out


This game is a breath of fresh air to local multiplayer games. It takes old school split screen local co-op and turns it on its head introducing story mechanics of today’s generation of games. Playing either main character, Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso, you embark on a very Uncharted-esque adventure with cooperation being the only way to progress.

Now, this game does not have the best graphics in the world, but there is a reason for that. This game is from a small studio, directed by Josef Fares, the same man behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. So look past the ok, but sometimes questionable graphics and immerse yourself into the heart pounding story. I can’t really say much without spoiling this game, and since it’s entirely story based, I’ll shut up now and just say it is very much worth playing.

Far Cry 5


Honestly, I was expecting just a reskin of the typical Far Cry game but set in America, and in a way, it is just that. There’s nothing wrong with this, Far Cry is a ridiculous franchise where you tame beasts, kill scores of enemies with an array of guns and destabilise the corrupt leader of, in this case, a cult. It’s pure insanity and pure fun. Far Cry 5 takes the franchises perfect formula and applied it brilliantly to Hope County, where you can steal tractors, get attacked by turkeys and tame a bear named cheeseburger.

Not sold yet? The story is fantastic, which is a breath of fresh air after Far Cry 4’s good but ultimately lacklustre story. The depth and detail that has gone into Far Cry 5’s story allows for a truly immersive experience alongside the insanity that is Far Cry. Additionally to this, the cinematics are on another level. Providing context to the story, the opening and additional cinematics pull you into the world and throw you out wanting more. I highly recommend this game not only for its Far Cry ridiculousness, but also its brilliant story and beautiful cinematics.

Shadow of the Colossus


Now I never played this game, however after falling in love with The Last Guardian, I had to play the founder of this bizarre genre. When it was announced, and the footage was shown, I was ecstatic. I’ve heard so many good things about this game, but the graphics of even the previous remaster left little to be desired. The mechanics of this game were ahead of its time, and to an extent still are. The graphical overhaul of this game gives it a firm footing in today’s high graphics video game market and turned a clunky looking masterpiece into a visual spectacle. Having now played and completed this game, the rumours are true, this is a staple game and should be played by all who call themselves gamers. Now with the graphical overhaul, you have no excuse not to go and experience this masterpiece.

God of War


This game is an unapologetic middle finger to all those who have claimed we are seeing the end of single player, narrative driven games. Visually, this game is stunning and the character models are almost too realistic in places (Kratos’ nipple is insane). The environments are beautiful and bring a sense of surreal fantasy that Norse mythology holds, taking on incredible colour schemes and architecture across the different realms.

Now, the one thing I was worried about was that this game looks fantastic, we all knew it would, but would the story and gameplay live up to the visuals? The answer, yes. The story is rich and deep, full of emotion and brings an entire new Kratos to the surface. Gone is rage filled Kratos who wants to kill everyone and everything, leaving behind a hardened man with fatherly duties alien to him. The mythology and level of detail in the story is phenomenal, providing a storytelling spectacle alongside the visual prowess of the game. The gameplay is fantastic. We all love the Marvel films (admit it), and we all want Thor’s hammer as a weapon in a game. Well, despite Thor being part of the mythology of this game, you don’t get to use his hammer. Instead, Kratos is equipped with a new weapon, an axe which, just like Thor’s hammer, comes back to Kratos’ hand when thrown. This technical gameplay feat is phenomenal and provides for a truly unique gameplay experience.

Enough said really, play this game, it’s a long game too, so I’m far from finishing it, but it is by far one of the best games released this generation. If you want a comparison, thing Hellbalde made on a AAA budget over several years, or even an amalgamation of Hellbalde and The Witcher.

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