Fake It Til You Make It is going to be me chronicling the highs and lows of my journey into the entertainment industry and the world of acting! Having taken weekly acting classes a few terms for the last couple years, I have reignited my love for storytelling and realised that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life, I want to act, write, produce and tell incredible stories both factual and fantastical.

Ok so cliché paragraph written, let’s get a bit more real. I went to University to study a science degree, which I was going to use to get into Veterinary Medicine. I’ve always loved animals, and with a very medical family (doctors, dentists, pharmacists) Veterinary Medicine was my dream career. Now I’ve always had a more ‘artsy’ side, which I really loved and dived into. Singing lessons, fun skits with my brother or in drama classes, writing my own music, poetry and stories, art, the list goes on. However, fast-forward to year 9 in high school these joys were getting in the way of my end goal, Veterinary Medicine. Reluctantly, I dropped it all to focus on my sciences, I was bright, but god I had to work hard for my grades.

So, despite getting good grades, I didn’t get the grades for Vet School, and I went off to University to do a degree I never really wanted to do with the sole purpose of using it to get into Vet School. My next seven years was planned to be studying in University which now sounds like insanity to me. I got into Vet School, I loved it to bits, I did my first two years in one.

That same year, my mental health went from terrible to abysmal, two family members fell terminally ill and passed away and I was studying two years of veterinary medicine in one. Additionally I was travelling all over the country taking care of family in A&E and trying all new medications for my mental health. The universe handed me more lemons than I had sugar to make lemonade and my world collapsed in on itself.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m really not looking for pity, I’d rather leave that year behind me and move forward. The reason I’m writing all this is to catch you up on the why and how I got here, where I am today, pursuing a career in acting and the entertainment industry.

A few years have passed, rediscovering my love for storytelling and being on a journey to better my mental health, here I am happy with my choices and excited for what lies ahead. I’ve applied for a masters in acting, as I want to get proper, professional training in and I’m involved in a few amateur drama plays. I am writing, collating (and bettering) my creative skillset in photography and design to push myself creatively and begin building a portfolio. I’ve even used the only good weather Wales is going to see this year to get some headshots done in the back garden with my boyfriend, DSLR and good old Lightroom!

So here they are, and here’s to the start of this journey and a better, happier life.

ichau x

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