It’s been some time since I’ve used this website properly and I promise I have more posts about movies, music books and games lined up. I just wanted to make a post highlighting some changes to how I use this website.

So, from now on I want to use this website as a base for my blogging and creative content, I want this website to represent me and all my creative endeavours as being swamped with all the various social media sites you can now use and upload portfolios too really stresses me out!

Anyways, I really enjoy my photography, so I’ve added a photography page which I hope to update with more (and better) images. Additionally, I have a love for all things design, so I’ve added some of my personal projects to a design page to showcase that I can use Adobe Creative Cloud apps and also that I am a giant nerd.

Lastly, when I get around to creating enough content I’m probably going to add a film page with some of my work (which is all currently in script stage) and a show reel. Hey, I might even add a headshot page when I get those done in a few week’s time!

All my usually blog posts about me, movies, music, games, books and so on will still be found on my homepage and through the blog link in the menu. I just wanted to start consolidating my life, work and creative output to give myself a more organised place to share it all.

I guess that’s the bulk of it, so thanks and I’m out.


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