PSA: just to warn you, the first two films were two of the best films I’ve seen this year, so I mention how much I love them a lot.

Ready Player One


This film is a masterpiece. There is a massive history of video game movies being pretty bad, however whilst based off of a book, Ready Player One feels like the complete opposite done totally right. Every pop culture and gaming reference is done so well they usually only last a few seconds but will have you turning to your friends praying they got it too. The references are brilliant, clever and never out of place giving this film such a big talking point before you even get to the meaty plot which, is actually brilliant.

This film tells a story of a ruined future, not quite as post-apocalyptic as most Hollywood blockbusters, but enough to drive people into the virtual reality gaming world of the Oasis. Then something big happens, and the race is on to win the game and something much, much bigger.

Lastly one thing to note is how seamless this film is, from the transition from the real world to the Oasis making your feel like you’re truly putting on a headset to the melding of different game and character styles into a cohesive universe, this film truly ties all the visuals together to create a breath-taking watching experience.

This film brings together an incredible story, pop culture references far and beyond and stunning visuals and is an absolute must for gamers and pop culture fanatics.

Love, Simon


If you are gay, watch this film. This is the film every single gay guy wishes was out when they were younger and not out yet themselves. It plays so well on the narrative of having a huge secret that in your own mind, could ruin your life. It goes through the trails and tribulations of coming out, having supportive and non-supportive family and how much of an effect social status can have on us especially when in high school. This type of film is long overdue, and I hope it manages to bring some sense of help, relief and comfort to all those kids struggling to make it through each day holding such a heavy burden on their chest which should never have even been there in the first place!

Additionally, I would like to add that the humour in this film is spot on, with some brilliant boundary pushing laughs. Lastly, the diversity shown in this film is another step forward, with the mixture of ethnicities, stereotypes and non-stereotypes, this film goes to show that all kinds of people exist in all kinds of ways, and that they all matter equally.

Atomic Blonde


So, I saw this when it came out last year and this is like John Wick with a meaty spy story intertwined. Charlize Theron is the ONLY woman I can see pulling off this role, and the writing is so phenomenal the ending will have you going over the plot like it was a complicated physics formula. I will say that watching this a second-time round is a must, as there are smaller things you can look for in this deeply winding plot, but it is a very heavy film and whilst comedic in areas, very hard to digest. Overall this has to be one of the best films released last year and if you liked Red Sparrow and never got around to seeing Atomic Blonde you will adore this film.

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