Tomb Raider


This film has had a lot of bad reviews, and honestly, some of the points are valid but the overall snubbing of the film by critics I think is too much. With some questionable plot choices, and pacing issues, this film does have a few problems. The film’s opening is supposed to solidify the moody younger Lara Croft but instead drags on a bit too long in my opinion.

However, from a little later on in the film, the pacing suddenly picks up and the film grabs you with some video game-esque action scenes. My last little problem with this film is it does what almost all big budget films are trying to do these days, create a franchise, which leaves you hanging and honestly is unlikely to happen. I would recommend this film to people, especially those fans of Lara Croft, however I would recommend with a word of warning.

P.S. I love Alicia Vikander, she is a phenomenal actress, but why Camilla Luddington wasn’t picked for this role is beyond me and honestly one of the biggest mistakes of this film.

Game Night


Did you like Horrible Bosses? You’ll absolutely love this film. The comedy was spot on, melding adult humour with some great slapstick gags, and this with the obscene characters made for a brilliantly silly film.

Jesse Plemons character makes this film, and he’s not even in it all too much. Additionally, Rachel McAdams performance had me in fits of laughter consistently, playing off Jason Bateman just led to comedic genius. The convoluted storyline and consistent comedy led to a brilliant watch which rivals The Hangover and Horrible Bosses in adult comedy royalty.

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