Red Sparrow


This film was an intense thriller that should never have been a 15. I really enjoyed this film, but the themes that it explored were definitely not for anyone under 18. With full frontal nudity from men and women, sexual and emotional abuse as well as some pretty violent torture, I don’t think this film is a 15 at all. That being said, I loved this film, and my only annoyance is the fact it is rated a 15 rather than an 18.

Despite its sharp and sometimes unforgiving edges, this film is a cleverly written spy story with enough twists to make your head spin. Taking the story of the once brilliant dancer now forced into a dark world of international political warfare, Jennifer Lawrence embodies the character of Dominika as we see her hopes dashed whilst being pushed to the absolute limits to survive the world of government spies and murder. I highly recommend this film to all; however, it is extremely gritty and definitely will not be to everyone’s taste.



All I will say about this film without going too much into spoiler territory, the trailer is extremely misleading but is perfect for the film. The trailer is hilarious, tongue in cheek and full of laugh out loud moments. Now, the film has plenty of this and some of the best ones are from the trailer, but as a whole, the film has so much more depth, character development and humanity than the trailer leads you to believe.

I went into this film excited for some silly film with A-listers that would make me chuckle. I got all that and more, with a really well written script incorporating massive commentary on the American dream, life of an immigrant and what happiness truly is. This film is a must watch in my opinion, and whilst occasionally it did lose the plot, as a whole it was a hilarious film with almost too much humanity.

The Shape of Water


I mean, there’s a reason this film won big at the Oscars. A fantastical tale that could only be told by Guillermo Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth has found its worth successor. A tale of love, fitting in and friendship, The Shape of Water wears its hearts on its fin. One of my favourite things about this film, other than the remarkable cast, has to be the smart little bits of humour dotted throughout a much deeper drama of love. A joke here and there, a humours response in the best and worst situations gave this film a light-heartedness that did not belong but was extremely welcome.

All I can truly say about this film without spoiling anything, go and watch it. If you wanted a comparison, there isn’t really one, this film is like a live action Disney film if it were made for adults.

I, Tonya


Allison Janney, Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan give performances that are out of this world in this biopic of ex-figure skater Tonya Harding. Alison Janney’s performance was by far a standout, with the wardrobe, makeup, hair and undeniable talent she transformed into the driven, aggressive and spiteful mother of Tonya Harding.

The film is cleverly written in a mockumentary style biopic, with a chronological structure that allows the story to unfold in a well-paced manner. The humour of the film is perfect and very sharp, making you laugh out loud, but also plays into the deeper meanings of the film which will leave you questioning the way celebrities are treated and how at the end of the day, everyone is just as human as each other.

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