There has been so much good music released lately so be ready for a long post with a very eclectic mix of tunes!

Janelle Monae


She’s back! Not that she was ever gone, but Janelle’s venture into the Hollywood of acting has left us with a large break from her last album. Janelle has proven herself to be a creative and talented powerhouse over the last few years, with her incredible music to eccentric style and acting prowess. Out of the blue Janelle has announced her new album, Dirty Computer, with an Instagram overhaul and two new singles with incredible music videos.



Shamir is back with ‘Room’, another example of his incredible musical versatility and ability to dominate another genre of music with his unique voice.

Shoshana Bean


You want show tune styled jazz with an essence of pop? Look no further than Shoshana Bean. Now, I’ll admit I had never heard of her before, and only discovered her through Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Instagram story, but she is a talent not to be missed. My particular favourite song on the album is her cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’, which transfers incredibly well to a jazzier rendition of the song.

Brandi Carlile


Firstly, I love the fact her name has I’s where you’d expect y’s. Secondly, if you want some really good country music with a voice that isn’t afraid to take a risk, ‘By The Way, I Forgive You’ is the album for you.

Everything is Recorded


Now I had never heard of this artist, but when I looked on the album I saw lots of ‘feat. Sampha’ and Ibeyi is also on this album, so I’m instantly sold.

Bonnie McKee


Sleepwalker is an old song that never got an iTunes/Spotify release from Bonnie. She’s the master behind a lot of pop’s best and poppiest songs, Katy Perry’s career wouldn’t be the same without her. However, she has her own incredible voice, and Sleepwalker is a perfect example of that, and one of the best pure pop songs ever.

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