Nioh is such a great game! I know I’m extremely late, but my partner and I finally started Nioh and the mixture of combat and difficulty make for a highly addictive game. However, we’re only on the first boss which is proving to be an absolute pain. What I love about this game though is that unlike a Dark Souls game, you do not lose progress when you are killed. I think that makes this game so much more replayable, despite the rage-quitesque nature of this game.


I’m not having a dig at Dark Souls, I love those games even if they do send me into a spiral of rage. But I find Nioh, whilst very difficult, is much less frustrating. Additionally, the combat in Nioh feels so much more fluid and dynamic. I really enjoy playing with different weapon types and stances. Having to prepare for defending against enemy and weapon types really adds layers to the combat in this game. The last thing I truly adore about this game has to be the monster design. I have longed for a game with the detailed horrors of Dark Souls, but with less frustration, and I think Nioh is just that.

It’s been a slow week on gaming. The other game I restarted was Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy, yet another frustrating game! I’m actually thinking of streaming all of it over on my Twtich channel If you want to catch the first few levels and me cursing the game a lot, head over to my twitch channel under videos.

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