A bit late, but this ‘Music Muse’ was meant for Friday. Better late than never! So a lot came out last Friday so here is my list of what I liked.

Justin Timberlake

I’m not the biggest Timberlake fan, but honestly his new album has some really good tracks on it, ‘Midnight Summer Jam’ is such a fun groove track which really gets you moving whether you like it or not! The album isn’t perfect, but there are some really great highlights and fun little experiements from Justin on here.


Harper is an underground popstar, she has the chops to be the one of biggest popstar in the world. I’m glad to hear she’s releasing new music still and her discography is a must listen to pop and r&b lovers. Listen to her new single here.

James Blake

James Blake has released a rather eclectic single, ‘If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead’ which throws away convention and comes into its own as an electronic r&b mix.

Rae Morris

Rae is back, and better than ever. Her first album ‘Unguarded’ was a phenomenal debut and ‘Someone Out There’ is no exception. The alternative popesphere is overflowing with greatness but I implore people to listen to this sophomore album. It reminds me of earlier Marina & The Diamonds work, and is well worth a listen.

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