So, it’s been a slow week with reading. I haven’t picked up ‘Sapiens’ or ‘Tribe of Mentors’ which is unacceptable! However, after seeing the final Maze Runner Movie I was adamant to get back into the books as I never finished them. I got halfway through the second book before putting it down quite some time ago, not because I didn’t like it, but mainly because I’m terrible at half reading a book.

Anyways, I’ve read the first half of The Scorch Trials twice now, so I just picked it up from where I left off. I’m so glad I have because I’m loving the book again, and really enjoying comparing the book to the film. I view them as separate stories now, mainly because the film’s deviations from the book are too big for me to see them as the same, but I still do love the film series.

Spoilers Ahead!

So right now I’ve just gotten out of the desert after the lightning storm, and met Jorge and Brenda. Jorge is so much more of an ass in the books than he was in the movies! Additionally, what that lightning storm did to those kids in the books is 1000 times worse than was happened in the films. I can’t wait to continue this book and read the last in the trilogy too.

Short and sweet this week, hopefully have a more meaty ‘Book Club’ post next Monday!

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