So, we finished Final Fantasy XV (again). That game is ten times better than what it was on release. The re-release in the coming months should really sell well if people see past the ‘older game’ complaining that will undoubtedly circulate. That being said, Chapter 13 is still terrible, and brings the game to a complete snail’s pace with the lack of action, repetitive objectives and outright tedium. It’s a shame, because other than this chapter this game is phenomenal, and I feel like this chapter really lets it down, possibly even to a point where some people may quit the game. This would mean missing out on so much more rich story content and some amazing post-campaign goodies.

FFXV Spoilers ahead!

Of course, I’m talking about the F-type Regalia. I can see why this flying car upgrade would be held back to post-campaign adventures, as it doesn’t really fit well with the story. However, if you’ve already played all the dungeon’s and side quests there is little benefit the flying regalia will provide other than being a pretty cool way to traverse the open world of FFXV a few times.

Having completed the games story and done pretty much all side quests and dungeons beforehand, there is little much else to do that really kept me playing other than some level 99 bosses. There is the giant moving mountain quest, which whilst a phenomenal battle, is excruciatingly frustrating due to insane amounts of HP and time constraints. The seals in dungeons don’t really provide much of a change. Admittedly I’ve only done one, but I found it tedious and the lack of new daemons left me bored of the grind I’d done so many times before.

Out of spoiler territory!

The ‘Royal Edition’ coming out alongside the PC edition is supposed to bring some new content, which I’m excited to see, but what I’m more excited about is seeing how well optimised the game is. On my Xbox One S, the rendering was pretty atrocious at times, and crashes were a plenty. This is a huge, complicated game so I don’t expect a console to hold up incredibly well for long periods of time, but the PC build could well show off the full potential FFXV has to offer.

Now that FFXV has been put to bed for a while, me and the partner have started Monster Hunter World on PS4 Pro. It’s incredibly fun, but my god the tutorials at the start are so long it nearly made me put down the game. They’re essential, but there are so many that you spend so much time skimming through them as fast as you can eager to kill some monsters that you end up missing important details. They’re important though, so read them thoroughly, and I promise the monster hunting will follow in all its glory.


Additionally, I decided to jump on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with it being only £30 on Amazon. I’m very much in the start of this game too. With no experience of this franchise everything is new to me. All I will say is I cannot decide if the English voice acting is bad or just hilarious. The extreme range of British accents, mixed with what feels like out of place direction leads to a very interesting gameplay experience.


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