Final series posts is going to be about music. I’ve got ‘Book Club’, ‘Movie Madness’ & ‘Games Room’ and finally we have ‘Music Muse’. Days after Friday seems the best day for this because, well, new music is released on Fridays. So without further ado, here’s what I’m listening to:

Craig David



Of all the comebacks that have happened in the last few years this has to be the most shocking. I’m not saying I wasn’t expecting good music from him, but I’m surprised at how well done his new album ‘The Time Is Now’ is. The poppy hit with Bastille ‘I Know You’ is undoubtedly a banger, but the rest of the album seems to fall more into nostalgic R&B/Soul brought into today’s limelight.

Lady Gaga



So, Lady Gaga has done another random release much like ‘The Cure’. Whilst not a new song, the Piano single version of Joanne is even more emotionally charged than the original fuelled by hard hitting vocals and perfectly timed adlibs.

Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey



A(nother) banger from Zedd, with some beautiful vocals from Maren Morris. Thanks to Colton Haynes’ Instagram stories for getting me into this one.

Troye Sivan



Troye is back, and his newest single ‘The Good Side’ blows ‘My My My!’ out of the water. Whilst not a pop banger, this infectious pop ballad will have you singing along after the first listen.

Kylie Minogue



SHE’S BACK! Enough said really, listen to her country styled pop now.

Fall Out Boy



Despite most people aversion for Fall Out Boy’s more poppy releases over the last few years, I really enjoy the new music they put out. Whilst ‘M A  N   I    A’ isn’t their best work, there are some real stand out tracks and as always, painfully relatable lyrics.

The Greatest Showman



As with my rant and rave about the movie, the soundtrack is just as good! Additionally, the powerhouse that is Keala Settle has her own EP out, which is well worth a listen.

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