Who doesn’t love a good video game? Well, I’m sure there are many but for me, video games are the perfect mixture of interactive storytelling and just plain fun. In this series of ‘Games Room’ posts (much like ‘Book Club’ and ‘Movie Madness’) I’m going to be talking about games I’m currently playing and games I’m excited about. Additionally, I’d just like to plug my partner’s and I website JenChau where we discuss game industry news and other news in the entertainment industry. The website is currently under construction but will be back soon!

So recently, my partner and I got back into Final Fantasy XV. Last time I played this was on release back in 2016, and whilst I enjoyed it then, it’s like a completely different game now with all the patches and updates they’ve rolled out. I mean this is a good way, I do not remember the game being this good when I played it on release, and we’re keen to try and do every annoying little side quest we can at the moment. My favourite change from the vanilla release edition of the game has to be the Regalia now being customisable into what I would call a ‘royal monster truck’. The ability to drive off-road with better driving controls has completely changed the game experience. It’s no longer tedious every time you have to use the Regalia to get somewhere, and when Chocobo’s just aren’t cutting it, you can off road straight across the map in the car now.

We’ve probably restarted this game at a terrible time though, seeing as the PC edition is out in a few weeks and comes with an update for even more content. It’s bizarre to think that this is a 2016 game, as what is getting released this year is like a completely different experience, even the campaign was modified after player complaints.

This is probably the future of video games in my opinion, with the demand for huge open world games and publishers putting developers on very short leashes, video games are getting released too early in order to turn over a profit. Then, in two or three years, after lots of patches and DLC, a ‘gold’ edition is released. Some people argue that when this happens you aren’t getting the full game on release and it’s unfair to make people pay full price for an unfinished game. Then, to later release it for less money with all the final content, it can leave a sour taste in fan’s mouths. However, I thoroughly believe that you have to empathise with publishers and developers. Publishers aren’t evil and are making games out of passion, but huge companies need to make money. Developers grind and grind away to create something they can be proud of, but usually they’re funded by giant publishers, who can have the final say in however much they want. It’s true with lots of industries but it’s currently quite a sore subject within the growing gaming industry, and I believe it’s important to understand everyone’s position before going off on an angry and uncalled for twitter rant.



Anyways, I’m excited for Monster Hunter world, especially after playing a lot of Final Fantasy XV dungeon bosses. I played the beta last weekend just for one mission, and I’ve got to say I’m more impressed that I expected to be. It’s a beautiful game and the combat is much more fun than the grind I expected. Additionally, I’m super excited for the Shadow of the Colossus remaster.



So this is a small taste of what my ‘Games Room’ posts will be like. I might dip into older games, history of the industry or whatever game related topic takes my fancy in the future, but for now, happy gaming!

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