So, I love movies. They’re by far one of my favourite forms of visual storytelling and a great movie can leave such a lasting impression on someone. Therefore, ‘Movie Madness’ is going to be a series of posts about what’s new, what I’ve seen recently and what I’m excited for.

Just like ‘Book Club’ this is a place for me to discuss an art form I truly love and hopefully, one day, be able to build a large community of like-minded people so we can all share these passions.

Just a heads up, I’m going to be doing the same sort of posts about music and games. Other than creative writing, I’ve wanted a place to write personal blog posts and journalistic styled articles (visit my other site JenChau). This will be that space, maybe along with other creative written ventures.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle



So, I’ve been late on the December releases lately due to the holiday season and other personal matters. However, I’m finally catching up. I finally saw Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle last week and as a standalone film it was brilliant, funny and full of memorable scenes. But, and this is a big but, as a continuation of the Jumanji series, it fell very, very short. I loved the film but it lacked the fantasy-horror and thriller elements of the original Jumanji, instead going more for comedy and action. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a change of direction, there were some nice little hints to the previous movie, making it a definite sequel to Jumanji.

Now some spoilers ahead, so if you have yet to see this film, don’t read the next paragraph!

My main problem with this film, which I will not shut up about, is a gigantic continuity error. I was fine with the game becoming a video game, heck, I love video games and it was executed very well in the film. What I can’t understand was the decision at the end of the movie, when the kids returned to the real world. Now we all remember at the end of the 1995 classic, time was changed, therefore the future was changed. Alan Parish returns to when he was a boy, when the game started, to live his life. Most importantly, the kids never had to experience the game, because the game would have never fallen into their hands. However, at the end of this sequel, the group of kids return to the present day and remember everything. They still have the game, despite the fact if they completed the game then Alex would have returned to his time zone, would have never disappeared and the game would never have ended up at the school. So now we have a time paradox which makes no sense, one which the first movie actually addressed to prevent such a paradox from happening. If this truly is a continuation, this continuity error is unforgivable. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would recommend people go and see it.

The Greatest Showman



This movie is fantastic. It has depth, emotionally charged storylines, well-developed characters you actually feel for and incredible music. The entire cast are not only fantastic actors, they’re performers and have natural talent as well as training behind their vocal cords. Musicals are a very niche movie genre, and the word ‘musical’ alone will probably put a lot of people off. However, I implore these people to look past campy musical films and give this one a chance. The musical segments are beautifully sung, filled with fantastic choreography and emotionally charged in line with the movie’s plotline. Additionally, it was not only harrowing musical segments that gave me Goosebumps, but the story and character development. A musical which will probably make you cry about five different things, all of which are very relatable. I highly recommend seeing this movie to anyone, and even though I’m currently listening to the soundtrack on repeat, it’s not the same without the visual choreography and fantastic acting of the movie.

One Hour Photo



So recently, I watched a 2002 movie with non-other than Robin Williams starring in it. However, this was far from your average Robin Williams movie. How I’ve never seen this film before baffles me, it’s my literal cup of tea. Psychological thriller with elements of horror, brilliantly written and profoundly acted. It follows a troubled man working at the photo counter in a local supermarket, with an unhealthy obsession with one of his customers. Anymore would probably spoil the premise of the film, so all I’ll say is that this is a must watch for psychological thriller fans and Robin Williams fans alike.

Time To Get Excited

Films I’m getting excited to see coming out in the UK soon is Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence, which basically gives me vibes of Hitman but for the KGB. Isle of Dogs is a fantastic looking animation I’m dying to see with top billing cast members like Bryan Cranston and Tilda Swindon. Lastly, I’m very much looking forward to seeing Downsizing and the final movie in the Maze Runner franchise, Death Cure.

There we have it, I would go on but I want to save a particular movie I’ve recently seen for the next post. Happy viewing!

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