For a very, very long time I’ve been meaning to get back into reading. As a child and into my teen years, if I got into a book series, I would get completely lost in it. Fantasy and horror were my favourite genres, reading the Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (which was the initial series that propelled me into reading) to the grotesque horror of Darren Shan’s The Demonata series and the classic Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

As I’ve grow older, the excuse of being too busy and stopped me reading anywhere near as much as I used to, and I thoroughly miss being sucked into a world constructed by only text on a page (or iPad) and my imagination. So, with my recent reading in 2018 I plan to blog a ‘Book Club’ of sorts, where I discuss what I’m currently reading or listening to on audible. This way I have more than just the mere passion to push me to read, but also a blog post series to keep me focused and maintain my reading habits. How often this will be time will tell, In all honestly I wish to make a post weekly about this ‘Book Club’ however I’m a slow reader (thanks dyslexia) and life can get busy – there I go with that excuse again!

In the meantime, I’ll just tell you all what I’m currently reading, and I promise you I won’t just be reading fantasy horror novels like I did when I was younger.

Having felt a bit lost in life recently, an actor I follow on Instagram who I don’t watch the show of, so I will not name them, posted about Tim Ferris’ latest book Tribe of Mentors, a collection of short form interviews with the most eclectic mix of professionals, celebrities and successful people in the world. In the first chapter Tim explains how this book came to fruition, after his successful book Tools of Titans I am yet to read. He explains how he asks these highly successful interviewees questions he wants to ask himself, and gets some incredibly inspirational answers. If you need something to kick off a productive year, or to get you going each day, get this book. You can read one interview (3-4 pages) each day and feel inspired. This book is so quote heavy I suggest you buy a notepad solely for taking down inspirational quotes if that’s your cup of tea. I am yet to finish this book, but have read a few interviews including one with Terry Crews, and this book just goes to show that we are all human, and all capable of greatness.

Another book I’ve currently started is The Actor’s Art and Craft: William Esper Teaches the Meisner Technique which I can only describe as a fly-on-the-wall-esque book following a fictional acting class. You follow these students, who whilst fictional are based off of real classes observed by the author, and pretty much learn alongside them about the Meisner Technique. Another book I am currently reading on acting is To The Actor: On the Technique of Acting by Michael Chekchov, but haven’t read enough to truly comment on it yet.

Lastly, my first ever audio book is turning out great. Artemis by Andy Weir (The Martian) narrated by the one and only Rosario Dawson is a fantastic sc-fi story absolutely grounded in realism and science. The level of detail Andy Weir has put into the book to make sure the science of living on the moon is correct is baffling, and along with a compelling story this book is a real treat. Rosario Dawson nails the narration providing a great first audio book experience, one which I hate putting the ‘end of chapter’ sleep timer on.

That about does it for this first ‘Book Club’ post, I hope you all enjoyed it, will get something out of it and the many more that are to come.

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